What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting

So what is web hosting anyway?

If you read my post on how to create a website, you know that I highly recommend using WordPress to build out your little nook on the web. To use WordPress, however, you need a web host. (There is a version of WordPress that is hosted by the company behind WordPress, but this offers less flexibility, so I don’t recommend it)

A web hosting service basically stores your website and makes it accessible through the Internet. They do this by keeping your website on a special type of computer called a server which is always online.

Basically, if you think of your domain name like your “address”, then you can think of your web host as your house and property. It’s where your website data, graphics, etc are all stored.

There are a few different types of web hosting services, but most likely you’ll be using what is referred to as shared web hosting, where one machine hosts a number of different websites which share the same server resources like CPU and RAM.

This is a pretty basic setup and will accommodate most website needs, especially if you’re just getting started. If you’re getting tens of thousands of visitors per month, however, then you might need to upgrade to a more robust hosting plan.

Uptime, Reliability & Speed

These are the tthree metrics that you should most care about, as they assure that your website will be available for visitors and quick-loading. Check on these things before choosing a web host for your site.

My recommended web host is SiteGround

  • Great prices for their hosting services
  • Excellent up-time and reliability
  • Great support – including, email, chat & even phone (this is rare at their price point)

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