Social Media Name Check

Social Media Name Check

So you’ve picked out your domain name and you’re getting ready to buy it.

Not so fast, ke-mo sah-bee (← yes that’s the proper spelling, and yes I had to look it up).

You may want to check on the availability of social media names first – especially if it is something that you think will be super-brandable.

In the case that your domain name and company name are kind of generic, you may have to settle for some sort of modification like @AcmeBiz or similar.

But if you’re looking to start an empire around the name Donglebitz, it behooves you to check around a bit.

Checking Social Names

Actually this process is quite painless with resources like KnowEm.

Sites like these go out and check with the major social media sites to see if a particular name is available for use. The ones that you want to pay the most attention to are Facebook and Twitter. If your business is particularly visual, then you might also want to check on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr as those are also major sites.

Regardless of whether or not you plan on posting to any of the dozens of sites available, it can still be beneficial to register with many of them as they are a free and easy backlink to your site, which can be helpful SEO wise. Not huge, but every little bit helps.

What if Your Name is Gone

Well, if the name you wanted is gone, dry your tears. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just time to try some alternatives.

For instance, MarketingBeast was already taken on Facebook, but I liked the domain so much it didn’t bother me. Instead I went with

Another thing is that it can be good to register the same name across all your social media profiles. This just makes it easier for your fans to find you as they can just go directly to a site and type in slash [name].

Happy tweeter/liker/hashtageroni!

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